Knollcreek Announces New Website!

Hi everyone,

I am Stuart Bankey, Secretary of the Knollcreek HOA Board of Directors. About a month and a half ago, I held some communication town hall meetings to get feedback from residents in the community on how they would like to receive information about things that are going on in the neighborhood. We had a good turn-out and received some really good feedback from those in attendance.

Using your feedback, we are making some changes in the way the Board communicates to everyone:

  1. We launched this website! We had a lot of folks say that they wanted more avenues for electronic communication. So, I partnered with a firm and built this site so you can see when the Board is meeting, get news about community-led events, etc. If you would like to make sure that your event is put on the calendar, would like to advertise an upcoming event, or would like to post announcement about something cool (your kid was accepted to a college, want volunteers for an upcoming Eagle Scout project, etc.) then shoot me an email at
  2. The Board has instituted a Social Media Policy. As a result, Board members are no longer involved in Social Media channels that are aligned with the Association. We wanted to turn those over to let the residents have a place to communicate and work together without worrying about the Board being in those channels.
  3. We have created an FAQ section on the site to answer many of the questions that get sent to RealManage and the Board. If you see a question that is missing and would be helpful to everyone, then please let me know by sending me an email.

Finally, I know that the site isn’t perfect, but I wanted to launch it sooner than later so we could start getting information out quickly and allow residents to have a reliable place to find the information that they need. I’m always open to feedback and I hope that you enjoy using the site!


Stuart Bankey
Secretary, Knollcreek HOA

Progress Through Participation