Why does the Board use the current communication strategy and how much does it cost for each channel? Why are Board members not active on social media?

The Board is leveraging different communication channels for specific purposes. Last year, the Board passed a social media policy banning current and future Board members from being members of Nextdoor and Facebook groups with any association to Knollcreek. This was performed under the advisement of our attorney. The website is maintained by the Secretary of the Board and is the official, digital channel for communication from the Board. The annual cost for the website is $250.

The newsletter is mailed out every two months and contains the same information that is posted more immediately on the website. The schedule for the newsletters is February/March, April/May, June/July, August/September, October/November, and December/January. The cost for each newsletter that goes out to the community is $250 (or $1,500 a year). Finally, emails are sent out by RealManage for required notifications, such as Board meetings, or at the special request of the Board of Directors when the Board feels it necessary to supplement mail and website communications. Each email outside of our contractual limit with RealManage cost the Association is $35.