What is the Board’s plan for community improvements?

The Board focuses on repairs that are liabilities for the Association first. Then we review improvements that will make the biggest impact on NPS groups and fall within our budget. We are working on creating a plan that addresses projects over time but we have not completed that planning at this time.

Can we get more notice about Board meetings?

The Board is working with RealManage to see how we can improve the notice for Board meetings. As a rule of thumb, Board meetings are always held at the pool house on the second Monday of every month, except for the May Annual Meeting. You can also go to the calendar section on the Knollcreek HOA website (www.knollcreekhoa.com) to find when the meeting will take place in any given month.

Where can we find the official board minutes?

The official minutes are approved in the month’s meeting after the session has taken place and uploaded into the Ciranet (RealManage) portal. For example, the January meeting minutes are approved at the February meeting and uploaded within 1 business week of that session. All homeowners have access to the RealManage portal and the link can be found on the HOA website.

Can a brief summary of the board minutes be added to the website for those that cannot attend?

The best way for any resident to know what occurs at a Board meeting is to attend in person. This will allow you to ask questions and get clarification on any issues. We recognize that many of residents are unable to attend for many reason such as work schedules or childcare issues. The Board is looking into how we can generate a short summary of future Board meetings and have those items posted on the website within a couple days of the meeting.

Why does the Board use the current communication strategy and how much does it cost for each channel? Why are Board members not active on social media?

The Board is leveraging different communication channels for specific purposes. Last year, the Board passed a social media policy banning current and future Board members from being members of Nextdoor and Facebook groups with any association to Knollcreek. This was performed under the advisement of our attorney. The website is maintained by the Secretary of the Board and is the official, digital channel for communication from the Board. The annual cost for the website is $250.

The newsletter is mailed out every two months and contains the same information that is posted more immediately on the website. The schedule for the newsletters is February/March, April/May, June/July, August/September, October/November, and December/January. The cost for each newsletter that goes out to the community is $250 (or $1,500 a year). Finally, emails are sent out by RealManage for required notifications, such as Board meetings, or at the special request of the Board of Directors when the Board feels it necessary to supplement mail and website communications. Each email outside of our contractual limit with RealManage cost the Association is $35.

Which Board members organize events in the neighborhood and how do we suggest ideas?

Almost all of the events in the neighborhood are organized by residents in the community, not the Knollcreek Board of Directors. These are fellow members of the neighborhood that are putting in their time and energy into creating fun activities for us all to participate in. Normally, residents request funds from the Board to ensure that they aren’t paying for events out-of-pocket. We recommend getting clearance from the Board before requesting reimbursement to ensure that there are appropriate funds within the budget.

What can be done by the Board regarding the mailbox theft in the neighborhood?

Mailbox theft and vandalism is a Federal offense, as they are the property of the United States Government. It has been suggested to the Board that we request the Board, the Police, or the United States Postal Service install cameras to monitor the mailboxes. Unfortunately, the Board and Police cannot do so without infringing on personal property and creating a potential legal issue for the Association and homeowner. A member of the Board has reached out to the Postmaster to see if he can come to the neighborhood to discuss the issues with everyone, but we haven’t been able to get confirmation on a date for that meeting yet. We will continue to send out communications as we continue to arrange that meeting.