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Community Celebrations (October 2016)

Clean Up Day with ACC

On Saturday, August 27th, Knollcreek neighbor Grant Gaul organized a community clean up day for the Knollcreek main drive. A small group of residents including Nicole Nagle and her son Jayden, Stuart Bankey, and Michael Litwin worked with Grant to clean up a large number of protruding rocks from the greenways along Knollcreek Drive. It was a lot of hard work but it made the street look much nicer and made it easier for our lawn care company to address their work on the boulevard. Thank you to everyone who participated in the event!


Community Garage Sale Success!

A huge thank you to everyone who participated in this fall’s Community Garage Sale.  We hope it was a fruitful day for everyone who took part. Please mark your calendars for the next Community Garage Sale which is scheduled for April 1st & 2nd of 2017.


National Night Out Event – Thanks to All!

What a fun night! Over 50 residents from around Knollcreek had a great time connecting with one another and our local police department. We grilled up some hot dogs, played yard games on the greens, got to know one another, and our kiddos even received treats from our local police department! It was a great time that could not have happened without tons of community involvement.

Thank you to everyone who came and everyone who helped out: Renee Baker, Haley Bankey, Katie Barbera, John Brian, Justin Clark, Charles Farnsworth, Jeff Hamel, Sybille Hamilton, Michael Litwin, Kirsten Northrup, Cheryl Olivieri, Kate Puentes, Allison Rogers, Alvi Story, and Michelle Schwartz.  If you helped out, but aren’t named here, thanks so much for your contribution! We’re looking forward to many more great community events.

Retaining Wall Update (August 2016)

The retailing wall for the pool (located in the park area) needs to be replaced due to a termite problem. The Board has secured an Engineer to prepare the designs for repairing the retaining wall. Once the designs have been finished, then we will work through and RFP process to find a company to re-build the wall. At this moment, this work looks like it will be performed during the off-season for the pool so you shouldn’t need to worry about it being closed again for this repair.

Snakes on a Lawn

With the wet spring, we’ve been seeing an increase in the number of snakes being found in residents’ yards and caught by lawnmowers. Please make sure to keep your lawn mown, and your landscape beds well tended.  A few of the snake reports are for coral snakes, which are venomous. If you encounter a snake, and do not know if it is venomous or not, please consider calling a local company for snake removal.  Here is a resource to help identify any you may find:

Back to School Tips

Since school is just around the corner, here are a few helpful tips to get your family into the routine!

  • Set a routine – If you haven’t already, start getting you and your children adjusted to a school-year routine.  Start going to bed a little earlier each night and getting up a little earlier each day.  
  • Meet the teacher – If at all possible, see if there is a way to have your child meet his/her new teacher. Many schools have ‘meet the teacher’ events, but if not, reach out to the school to see if you can come by. Meeting a new teacher is a great way to calm some of your child’s nerves about the new school year.
  • Prepare a list ‘to do’ each evening – Parent’s have to get back in the groove, too! Make yourself a nightly ‘to do’ list to help remember what needs to be done. 1) Check the next day’s schedule, 2) pack lunch, 3) pack snack, 4) set out school clothes, etc.
  • Mark your calendar – Transfer important dates and events from your child’s school calendar to your own calendar. Don’t let these event sneak up on you!
  • Call your pediatrician – Make sure that your child is current on their annual physical and vaccines.  Many school require proper documentation before your child is able to return to school for the year. Does your child have allergies or medical concerns? Make sure to let the school nurse know of any special needs your child may have.
  • Purchase/pack your supplies – School supply lists have been out and available. If you haven’t made the start-of-year purchases, make sure to do so before the beginning of the school year.
  • Have an ‘end of summer’ celebration – Enjoy the final days of summer! Have a get together with classmates and their families from the previous year. New to the neighborhood? New to the local schools? Call your child’s school and see if they have a host program to introduce your son or daughter to local classmates for the new year.

Pool Update (August 2016)

Summer is almost over and we, the Board, would like to give you an update on the status of the pool.

First, we repaired the broken step in the pool when we drained it in the middle of July. Initially, this would be to repair one step and result in closing the pool for a few days. The vendor noticed that eleven of the other steps were damaged and were at risk of breaking. After discussing the issue, the Board decided to fix the other steps and prolong the closure of the pool for another week. We understand that this was not ideal during some of the hottest days of the summer, but this decision saved us some money and headaches from future closures that would have resulted if we waited for the other stairs to actually break. The Board felt that it was better for us to save money and get the full repair done than to wait for each stair to break.

We also wanted to let everyone know that we are working with RealManage to get a bid for new pool furniture. We have submitted the quantity of pieces to them and are waiting for the quote to be returned to us. The furniture that we are looking to purchase will be of higher quality than what currently exists at the pool and, if treated well, should last more than one season. We are also looking at getting quotes to repair the deck, but that has gone slower then anticipated since many companies are focusing on hail damage claims that showered in (pun intended) during the Spring. If you know of any companies that do deck work that the Board should consider for a quote, then please feel free to send those references to RealManage or Mario Morales (

Finally, we wanted to give a couple reminders regarding pool rules and usage. Pool access is only granted to residents in good standing with their dues. If you are current on your fees and are still experiencing issues with access, then please contact RealManage at 866-4-RealService so they can assist. Also, please adhere to the pool rules as posted and note that pool hours close at 10pm. We also have security cameras installed at the pool. In the event that you need the Board to review an incident from their feed, please contact RealManage so we can take the proper action.

Knollcreek Announces New Website!

Hi everyone,

I am Stuart Bankey, Secretary of the Knollcreek HOA Board of Directors. About a month and a half ago, I held some communication town hall meetings to get feedback from residents in the community on how they would like to receive information about things that are going on in the neighborhood. We had a good turn-out and received some really good feedback from those in attendance.

Using your feedback, we are making some changes in the way the Board communicates to everyone:

  1. We launched this website! We had a lot of folks say that they wanted more avenues for electronic communication. So, I partnered with a firm and built this site so you can see when the Board is meeting, get news about community-led events, etc. If you would like to make sure that your event is put on the calendar, would like to advertise an upcoming event, or would like to post announcement about something cool (your kid was accepted to a college, want volunteers for an upcoming Eagle Scout project, etc.) then shoot me an email at
  2. The Board has instituted a Social Media Policy. As a result, Board members are no longer involved in Social Media channels that are aligned with the Association. We wanted to turn those over to let the residents have a place to communicate and work together without worrying about the Board being in those channels.
  3. We have created an FAQ section on the site to answer many of the questions that get sent to RealManage and the Board. If you see a question that is missing and would be helpful to everyone, then please let me know by sending me an email.

Finally, I know that the site isn’t perfect, but I wanted to launch it sooner than later so we could start getting information out quickly and allow residents to have a reliable place to find the information that they need. I’m always open to feedback and I hope that you enjoy using the site!


Stuart Bankey
Secretary, Knollcreek HOA