June/July Community Newsletter

Happy June everyone! With the kids out of school, the pool opening, and the arrival of new furniture, we hope all the swimmers are enjoying making a splash in our pool.


First off, we, the Board, would like to thank Michael Litwin, previous president/chairman and Sybille Quigtar, previous director of the Board, for their service. Their terms were up and they opted not to renew. We appreciate all the time, effort, and contributions they made into our community.
On May 13th, we held The Knollcreek Homeowner’s Association Annual Meeting. RealManage gave those in attendance an update on the financial standings of the Association. There was a general discussion and answers were provided to the questions that were brought up. There were no nominations for the open positions, currently leaving us with two vacancies. A subsequent meeting of the board was held for officer selections. Those results are in a later article in this newsletter. The Board also provided an update on the issue with the merger of associations discovered last year. For those that could not attend the meeting, that information is also provided in an article in this newsletter.
However, as the new President of the Board, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Olga Harrison and I have been living in Knollcreek since 1993. My background is in banking and I joined the board last year by filling in for a position and served as Treasurer.
More repairs and updates are a in progress during the coming months. We are currently looking into resurfacing the tennis courts, adding mulch to the playgrounds, and taking care of drainage and lighting issues.
I’m looking forward to working together to improve our community.

Olga Harrison, President Knollcreek HOA


Board Officers for 2017-2018

As mentioned in the President’s letter, Sybille and Michael’s terms have expired as Board members, the Board held a meeting to reorganize their officer positions. The following are the officer assignments for 2017-2018.

President: Olga Harrison
Vice President: Mario Morales
Treasurer: Vacant (Stuart Bankey as Interim)
Secretary: Stuart Bankey
Director 1: Jeff Hamel
Director 2: Vacant

The HOA didn’t have anyone submit their name to RealManage prior to the meeting or step up for consideration during the event. As a result, we have TWO vacancies on the Knollcreek HOA Board of Directors. These openings will be filled by the Board in a regular monthly meeting and will be formalized by a community vote at the next Annual Meeting. If you are interested in placing your name forward for consideration for the Directorship or Treasurer role, then please contact RealManage at knollcre@ciramail.com. If you would like to discuss what each role entails and learn more about the duties as a member of the Board, then you can reach out to Stuart Bankey at secknollcreek@gmail.com.


Unification of the Associations

We received confirmation from the Secretary of State that the paperwork completed but not filed correctly during the initial merger of the Knollcreek and Knollcreek North Associations was accepted! We are just waiting on the certificate from the Secretary of State’s Office to have the official record.

A special note: While the associations have been merged, it does not mean that the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (DCC&Rs) have been merged too. This merger is just for the operational functions of the association. We understand that this can cause an improper violation letter to be sent from time-to-time if the inspector doesn’t confirm the DCC&R for an address. The Board is working with RealManage to prevent those from happening in the future.

If the community would like to merge the DCC&Rs, then it will require a formal process and a vote from at least 67% of the community. If you would like to see that effort, then please provide feedback to the Board via our Community Manager at RealManage.


New RealManage Point-of-Contact

This is just a reminder that we had a change in our RealManage Community Manager a few months ago. Misti Jacobs has taken over for Ivan Rivera for owning the relationship with Knollcreek. However, this does not change how residents submit issues or contact RealManage. You can still submit items through the RealManage portal, by emailing knollcre@ciramail.com, or by calling them at 1-866-4-RealService (866-473-2573).

Amenities Repairs/Improvements

In March, the Board approved the following repairs to Association property.

  • The Kiddie Pool had to be flushed and cleaned by our pool vendor. While it has lost a little bit of the surfacing on the bottom, the vendor felt it was safe enough to open until it can be repaired during the off season.
  • Received a quote for repairing the lighting in the tennis court and inside the pool area.
  • Received the new pool furniture!


The New Pool Furniture Has Arrived

The new pool furniture has arrived and we have disposed of the old items. We’d like to give a special thanks to Jeff Hamel, Renee Baker, Kate Puentes, Emma Vohwinkle, Ellie Vohwinkle, Martin Vohwinkle, and Jaden Mirlohi for helping unload and setup all the new pieces.




There are no planned celebrations but we would like to congratulation all students for making it through another long school year!




HOA Board Meeting Schedule

All homeowners are welcome to attend the monthly meeting of our HOA Board of Directors. If you own your home, you should receive the agenda one week prior to the meeting via email. The Board meets at 7:00 PM on the 2nd Monday of every month. Mark you calendar and we hope to see you there! Meeting dates are June 12th, July 10th, August 14th, September 11th, October 9th, November 13th, and December 11th.




Pool Usage

Pool Hours
Monday: 2-10pm (Closed in the morning for cleaning)
Tuesday – Sunday: 5am-10pm
Note: the signs for hours at the pool are incorrect, but the Board is working with RealManage to get those updated.

Access to the Pool
All residents current on their HOA dues can access the pool using the keycard that was issued last summer. If you do not have a card, have lost it, or it does not work, then please contact RealManage so they can assist.

There were some individuals who had access to the pool using a PIN code. If you see anyone enter the pool using a PIN that is not a member of the Board or a vendor, then please report that event to RealManage immediately. Unauthorized access to the pool is an offensive can be escalated to the Police by the Board of Directors.

Disturbances in the Pool
Knollcreek is a diverse community with people ranging in all ages. It’s not uncommon to have local teens want to hangout at the pool during the summer. This is fine as long as EVERYONE obeys the rules of the pool. This includes no rough play, no glass or alcohol in the pool, and no profanity. The complete set of pool rules can be found on the interior wall of the pool house.

If you see an someone (or a group) that is breaking the rules of the pool, you have a right to ask them to stop. This will resolve the issue in most cases. If they continue to break the rules, then please contact RealManage with a detailed description of the issue and the individuals involved. You can also contact the San Antonio Police Department Non-Emergency line at (210) 207-8126.

Pool Parties
The pool can be used for parties, if you reserve it in the appropriate manner. To do so, email RealManage at Knollcre@ciramail.com with the date, number of people, and desired time of the event. RealManage will work with you and the Board to ensure approval and processing of the reservation fee.


It’s Spider Season

By Mothore – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=6644459

The weather is heating up and we’ve seen some rain so it’s not uncommon to have a few new quests pop out of the ground this time of the year. The Texas Brown Tarantula is denizen of our neighborhood and will come out from it’s burrow when it gets wet. These spiders grow to have a 4-inch leg span and tend to live underground. These docile creatures feed on insects, such as crickets, grasshoppers, and cockroaches.

If you see one, it’s best to leave it alone so they can go about their business of being your pest control. Regardless of what you might think, their goal is not to harm you. If one is out of place, such as found a way into your house, then find a way to gently contain it until you can take it outside to a safe place.

FAQs on Website

This is just a reminder that there is a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page on the Knollcreek website (www.knollcreekhoa.com/faq). Here are an example of one  of the items on the site:

Q. Why does the Board use the current communication strategy and how much does it cost for each channel? Why are Board members not active on social media?

A. The Board is leveraging different communication channels for specific purposes. Last year, the Board passed a social media policy banning current and future Board members from being members of Social Media Networks with any association to Knollcreek, such as Nextdoor and Facebook groups. This was performed under the advisement of our attorney. The website is maintained by the Secretary of the Board and is the official, digital channel for communication from the Board. The annual cost for the website is $250.

The newsletter is mailed out every two months and contains the same information that is posted more immediately on the website. The schedule for the newsletters is February/March, April/May, June/July, August/September, October/November, and December/January. The cost for each newsletter that goes out to the community is $250 (or $1,500 a year). Finally, emails are sent out by RealManage for required notifications, such as Board meetings, or at the special request of the Board of Directors when the Board feels it necessary to supplement mail and website communications. Each email outside of our contractual limit with RealManage cost the Association is $35.



Community Calendar & Event Requests

If you would like to make sure that your event is put on the calendar, would like to advertise an upcoming event, or would like to post announcement about something cool (your kid was accepted to a college, want volunteers for an upcoming Eagle Scout project, etc.) then email Stuart Bankey, our Secretary, at secknollcreek@gmail.com. Also, make sure to bookmark our HOA website for future reference: www.KnollcreekHOA.com.


Facebook & Next Door Keep You In Touch

Our community is growing and connecting daily on Facebook and Next Door, and we invite you to be a part. All residents (homeowners or renters) are invited to join our private Facebook group called Knollcreek Residents.  If you would like to be a part, find us on Facebook or email Haley Bankey at haleynbankey@gmail.com and she will help you out. Haley is volunteering as our social media administrator and loves bringing our residents closer together.