5/8/2017 Kiddie Pool Update

5/8/2017 Kiddie Pool Update

There was something that affected the Kiddie Pool this last weekend after the pool opened that caused the finish in the pool to turn brown. There were several residents that contacted RealManage to let them know of the issue. The pool maintenance vendor was contacted and performed a “shock” on the pool Sunday morning since it was thought that the discoloration was related to an algal bloom.

Unfortunately, that was not the issue and the water and pool surface remained discolored. A Board member met with the pool team again today (Monday, May 8th) to discuss the issue further. They decided to drain the Kiddie Pool, refill it, and add in a stain remover. As you can see by the picture, the pool’s color has returned to normal but the water’s chemicals will need to be re-calibrated and the vendor will need to evaluate the surfacing before the Kiddie Pool can open again.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but the Board would prefer to ensure that everything is okay before we reopen that section of the pool. We will update the website again once we have received the “all clear” from the vendor.

As a final note, thank you to all the residents that contacted RealManage to notify them of this issue. They were able to contact the pool vendor over the weekend and get the repair process started. Please continue to contact them if you see any issues with the amenities within the community.

Update, 5/10/2017: The kiddie pool has been cleaned and has been reopened by the pool vendor. There are still some areas where the finish on the bottom has been removed, but he does not feel that it should be a concern for this pool season.

If you do have a concern or see additional damage to the surfacing, then please contact RealManage.