Community Newsletter (Dec. 2016/Jan. 2017)

Hello Everyone,

2016 is coming to an end and the Board is very optimistic about 2017. The Community has improved in many ways over the last year. The Board has stepped up in approving repairs to the grounds, new groups have popped up (such as the evening walking/running groups), and fellow residents have worked together over social media to organize community celebrations, such as the Halloween Parade and the Winter in the Park. We still have many ways where we can improve as a community but we have come a long way in a year!

Now to business. Earlier this year the Board discovered that the previous attempt to unify the two associations (Knollcreek and Knollcreek North) was not properly filed with the Secretary of State for Texas. When the issue was discovered, the Board, RealManage, and our Attorney began the process of unification and held townhall meetings to educate homeowners on the issue. Unfortunately, we quickly found that not all the records from the previous unification attempt had been transferred to RealManage from our previous management firm. As a result, the team working on the unification decided to postpone the project until we ensured that all the information was accounted for and a communication plan had been put into place.

At this time, the new date for the vote to unify Knollcreek and Knollcreek North will be during the April annual meeting. We understand that there was confusion about what happened with our first attempt to educate the residents on the issue. We are working to improve that as we unify the associations in 2017. At this time, there will be no issues with facilities usage as the two associations have a reciprocal agreement to act as a joint Board and share facilities with each other.

Community Celebrations

Hooray for Halloween!

1What a great turnout to our annual Halloween Parade!! We had over 50 children, plus all their fabulous moms and dads. The costumes looked awesome and it was so nice to see everyone come together. Thank you to those who made it happen, and thank you to everyone who came out and enjoyed the night.

We would also like to congratulate the winner of our Halloween Yard Decor contest. The winners were the residents at 4211 Knollpass for the flying witch and zombie graveyard! They won a $50 giftcard to Target. Your next chance it the Holiday Yard Contest going through the end of December.

img_3171Entrance Decorations

The Board purchased and hung decorations at the entrances off Classen and Jung. Take a look at them next you are out in the evening.


Upcoming Events

Holiday Yard Decor Contest

2As the air gets more crisp, and the December holidays get closer, we encourage all residents to participate in decorating their homes and yards in a festive way. Whether it’s to celebrate your faith or to enjoy some sparkling lights, yard decorations are great way to spread some holiday cheer. This year, our ACC will be selecting one winning yard for ‘best decorations’ to win a $50 Target gift card. It’s going to be a fabulous winter in Knollcreek!

Reminders & Tips

Winter Home Maintenance Reminders

3We all know our winters can be pretty mild compared to our northern neighbors, but that doesn’t mean there are some winter maintenance items that all homeowners and renters should consider:

  • Consider turning your ceiling fans to run clockwise to better distribute the warm air in your home.
  • Check your windows and doors for any cold drafts or improper sealing.
  • Check your gutters and remove any leaf or debris clogs that could cause back-ups and leaks.
  • Consider purchasing faucet shields to cover your outside faucets for the few times we’ll see a freeze this winter.
  • If you have a fireplace or chimney, make sure to get an annual inspection to get it ready for a warm fire.

Holiday/Winter Pet Safety

4The holidays are a crazy time of year, and we all have a lot on our minds. Take some time to make sure you have a safe and sound environment for the furry members of your household this winter season:

  • Stay well-stocked for all pet essentials (food, medicine, etc) in case the weather gets too bad to make an emergency run to the store.
  • Keep them warm: make sure that your household pets have cozy places to stay away from drafts and cold weather. Outdoor pets need well-insulated shelters with plenty of padding and blankets.
  • Plant poisons: many of the holiday plants we bring inside are poisonous to our pets. Keep them out of reach.
  • Holiday choking hazards: many of the small decorations we use can get lodged in a pets’ throat. Keep these decorations out of reach.
  • Microchipping and tags: as always make sure to have your pet microchipped or have tags. It’s easy for our furry friends to get out, and this will ensure they come home safe and sound.

New Year’s Fireworks – Just Don’t Do It

5New Year’s Eve is an exciting time. It’s a great opportunity to enjoy a fun evening with friends and family. To reminisce on the great moments of the year that is about to pass and to dream of the opportunities that lie within a new year as you count down the start of the new year.

Many folks also like to celebrate the New Year by lighting fireworks. However, San Antonio does not allow fireworks within the city limits. There are multiple firework safe areas around Bexar county that you can visit. Any of the firework retailers outside of town will be more than happy to share that information with you.

In the event that see someone lighting fireworks in the neighborhood, you can call SAPD to have them review the situation. Let’s be honest though, SAPD is slammed during New Year’s Eve and we should allow them to focus on the more serious offenses that pop-up. As good neighbors, let’s respect each other and obey city laws.

Finally, many pets are disturbed by the sound of fireworks. We recommend that you keep pets indoors or ensure that your fences are secure so they do not escape. You can also look into microchipping them so they can be identified if they escape. There is also a product you can find at some pet stores or Amazon called a “Thunder shirt” that helps calm pets during these kinds of events.

Communication & Resources

Feedback Survey – We Want to Hear From You

6Our Knollcreek HOA Board is busy looking at plans for next year, and we want to hear your feedback on repairs, events, and upgrades to our community. To take the survey visit
Your opinion will help the board see a full perspective on the needs of the community and will help them in their planning. If you need to receive a hard-copy of the survey, please email our Board Secretary, Stuart Bankey, and

Community Calendar & Event Requests

7If you would like to make sure that your event is put on the calendar, would like to advertise an upcoming event, or would like to post announcement about something cool (your kid was accepted to a college, want volunteers for an upcoming Eagle Scout project, etc.) then email Stuart Bankey, our Secretary, at Also, make sure to bookmark our HOA website for future reference:

Facebook & Next Door Keep You In Touch

8Our community is growing and connecting daily on Facebook and Next Door, and we invite you to be a part. All residents (homeowners or renters) are invited to join our private Facebook group called Knollcreek Residents. If you would like to be a part, find us on Facebook or email Haley Bankey at and she will help you out. Haley is volunteering as our social media administrator and loves bringing our residents closer together.