Fall 2016 Reminders and Tips

Parking Manners

We have a very active neighborhood with lots of residents using our sidewalks for exercise and walking. Please remember that all sidewalks must be kept clear of obstructions not just to be neighborly, but also by city ordinance. This also makes a big difference for families using strollers and for those who are mobility challenged. No cars can be parked in driveways in a way to extends past the sidewalk, and all other obstacles cannot be on sidewalks.

Please refer to the following city ordinances for specifics: 1) “Keeping sidewalks free from any defects and hazards or obstructions such as mailboxes, basketball hoops, parked cars, trash cans, shrubbery or fences. (Code of Ordinances, City of San Antonio, Sec. 29-11, and Sec. 6-1),” and 2) “It shall be unlawful for any person to park unused cars in any street or public place for more than twenty-four (24) hours or at any time for purposes of storage, washing, greasing or repairing such vehicle, (except repairs necessitated by an emergency) sale, or display of advertising signs or posters fixed to such vehicle, or any trailer, semi-trailer, or house trailer, not attached to a tractor or towing vehicle. (Sec. 19-169).” For more codes and restriction, please refer to the official site: https://www.municode.com/library/tx/san_antonio


Coyotes Spotted – Watch Your Pets

We have a large number of green belts running through our neighborhood and with that comes a lot of wildlife.  We recently received a couple of reports from residents who have witnessed  coyotes chasing deer during the night.  Please keep your pets safe, especially the small ones, and be aware. If you see an wild animal (non-dog or cat) that you feel could pose a threat to your family’s safety, then you can contact Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation, Inc. at 830.336.2725 or through their website (www.wildlife-rescue.org). Stray dogs and cats need to be reported to Animal Care Services by using their 3-1-1 service number.


Mailbox Theft

There have been a significant number of mailbox break in reported all around Knollcreek and the Greater San Antonio area. Authorities (Police and Post Office) have been notified, and news reports have reported that these thefts are ongoing.  If you suspect that your mailbox has been tampered with, or that your mail or package has been stolen, please alert the police department and post office right away! One thief has already been caught in our area, but there seem to be more, so please stay vigilant.