Fall 2016 Communications Update

We Want Your Feedback!

Our Knollcreek HOA Board is busy looking at plans for next year.  Be on the lookout for an electronic community survey to be posted to this site that will allow you the chance to give feedback on repairs, events, and upgrades to our community.  Your feedback will help the Board see a full perspective on the needs of the community and will help them in their planning. If you need to receive a hard-copy of the survey, please email our Board Secretary, Stuart Bankey, and secknollcreek@gmail.com.


Build Community on Facebook and NextDoor

Our community is growing and connecting daily on Facebook and NextDoor, and we invite you to be a part. All residents (homeowners or renters) are invited to join our private Facebook group called Knollcreek Residents.  If you would like to be a part, find us on Facebook or email Haley Bankey at haleynbankey@gmail.com and she will help you out. Haley is volunteering as our social media administrator and loves bringing our residents closer together.

Please note: Earlier this year the Board instituted a Social Media Policy, and as a result, Board members are no longer involved in Social Media channels that are aligned with the Association. The Board wanted to turn those over to let the residents have a place to communicate and work together without worrying about the Board being in those channels.