Community Garage Sale

Hello everyone, we are sorry for the short notice but we have to inform you that the HOA cannot purchase a permit for a community-wide garage sale event. We have the funds but the city will not allow us to purchase a multi-home permit as they require each home to have their own. This is … Continue reading Community Garage Sale


October/November Newsletter

Happy Fall! Fall is fixing to arrive and hopefully with cooler weather. The pool season is coming to a close at the end of October and the holidays are approaching rapidly. The Board wants to wish you all a safe Halloween and a Happy Thanksgiving! We are currently expecting a table top replacement for one … Continue reading October/November Newsletter


August/September Newsletter

Warm Summer Greetings and Salutations! We’ve been working hard to keep our Knollcreek community, particular the pool area, well maintained and safe. Recently we replaced the chlorine pump and thanks to Aquatica, our pool vendor, they were able to install the replacement pump promptly, minimizing the amount of time the pool was to remain closed. … Continue reading August/September Newsletter


June/July Community Newsletter

Happy June everyone! With the kids out of school, the pool opening, and the arrival of new furniture, we hope all the swimmers are enjoying making a splash in our pool.   First off, we, the Board, would like to thank Michael Litwin, previous president/chairman and Sybille Quigtar, previous director of the Board, for their … Continue reading June/July Community Newsletter


5/8/2017 Kiddie Pool Update

5/8/2017 Kiddie Pool Update There was something that affected the Kiddie Pool this last weekend after the pool opened that caused the finish in the pool to turn brown. There were several residents that contacted RealManage to let them know of the issue. The pool maintenance vendor was contacted and performed a “shock” on the … Continue reading 5/8/2017 Kiddie Pool Update


April/May Newsletter (2017)

Happy Spring! There are a lot of important events coming up over the next couple of months that the community needs to know about. These include the status of merging the associations, opening of the pool, and the election of new Board members. The details will be in separate sections within the newsletter, but we … Continue reading April/May Newsletter (2017)


March Special Meeting Announcement

Date of Notice: March 25, 2017 5:57 PM Dear Knollcreek Homeowners: Due to a delay in getting the email notice out with proper notice through email. The special meeting is now scheduled for later in the week. We apologize for the inconvenience. NOTICE The Knollcreek HOA Board of Directors will be meeting on Tuesday, 28 … Continue reading March Special Meeting Announcement


Community Newsletter (February/March 2017)

Happy February everyone! We hope that you enjoyed the holidays and the 3 days of Winter that we had this season. First off, we would like to thank everyone who completed the Community Feedback Survey. We received a lot of great ideas/requests that we are going to be looking into as part of our annual … Continue reading Community Newsletter (February/March 2017)


2016 Knollcreek Community Survey Results

Hello everyone, The results from the 2016 Knollcreek Community Survey are in. In this video, the current Secretary of the Board, Stuart Bankey, walks through the data and recommendations that resulted from your feedback.


Suspicious Activity Reported

Hello everyone, A homeowner reported some suspicious activity to RealManage and it made its way to the Board. Recently, there has been a few people are trespassing to inspect the contents of residents garages when they leave them open. We have advised the homeowner to file a report with the police, but the Board also … Continue reading Suspicious Activity Reported


Knollcreek HOA Pool

Knollcreek San Antonio swimming pool before a busy summer day in July.

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